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Feb 12, 2013 6:00am EST
raise revveuee. 3 a vote is scheduled today... toonominate chuck hagel as secretary f efense. & deffnse.despite a nomination - hearing... the former republican senator from neeraskk is expected to win - confirmatioo. hagel has come underrfire bb mmmbers of his oww party... for commentsshe sanctions against ran while a packees inttrrupt a news broadcast in montann... to - warn viewers bouu a zombie apocolyyse.accorriig to k---t- & v... haakers lerted vveeers &pthhttquote "dead bodies are rrsing frommtheir graves" in several mmntanta counties... and to not aaproach them.the station says there is no emergency... and that investigaaing the situationn 33 today is "fat tuesday" and the beginning of mardi gras. gras.partierr are already pillinngbourbbn stteet in the 3 3 ravees fans 3 ptill riding thattsuper bowl pigh can eel tte magic of that nnw orleaan game a littlee -3 bbt loogerr plnger. buu you doo't have o go backkto thh bayou to experiencc mardi grrs.... p33 joelld. smith is grace to see how that town is creating a tradition of its own when it comes to fat tuesdayy good morni
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
aneeta may not be leaving offiie today as planned. chuck hagel is going through a difficult nomination process and faces uncertain outcome with the senate's expectee vote today. democrats ppre trying to breakka potential g-o-- filibuster of -3 tte defense secrettry nominee. & paanetta says he will stay onnuntilla defense & and if necessarr hh will brussels next weee. 3 a spokann washington meteorologiit.. ii getting shh mispoke about the vallntine's ay forecast. far, so good... slowwand slutty..slutty? sttady - sseady 3 phatt s k-rre-m meterologist dannelle grant....aving an - during her vallntine's day forecast.theeslip of the tongue hhs since gone viral. 3 today is the big 3 day!our edding ii a weekk will say "i do""live on ouurshow. show.megan gilliland ii at grey rock mansionnin preparatioos are underwayy-33 3 33 -3 3400-dollars could be yours! -3 pours!we'rredrawing another 3 33 3 morning. local.. all morniig -3 nnws.. all watching fox 45 yoo''e - --33&p 3 it's ouu free-bru-ary giveaway! -3 giveaaay!!veryday in february we're giving away 100- dollarss &pan hour. hour..
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
will vott on chuck hagel'' nomination... to seccetary of defense. & pefense.senntor carlllevin 3 tte performance over hagee's some cncern over hagel's perffrmaace during the levin says e iitends o - schedule a vote asssoon as ppssible. -3 p3 juut one month after admitting tt years of doping... we're eaaning lance may be far from ver. -33 now appears possible feeeral investigators aren't quite ready to give up.a spokesperson ffr thh food nd drug administration.... which has been investigating the cyclist for years....says it's loooing into charres oof - obstruction, innimidation and witness tamppringg oo op of ttat... a dallas-baaed 3 that armstrong pay back almmot 15-million dollaas in bonus & money... for winning multiple pour dd ffance titles. & 33& "mr. armstronggthouggt e would never be caught. of course, he haa been caught, exposed, coofessed, admitted essentially to pprjury. we upptoohii word and give that money baac." back."armstrong's atttrneys argue the iisuraaceecompany hhs no right to get the money because of this 2006 settlement agreement which rrads in part,
Feb 10, 2013 7:00am EST
his 3 - former senatorrchhck after hagel's sooetimes halting, &psometimes uninformed testimony -3 at his confirmation hearing - testimony that ssemee to confirm epublican doubts about the defenseepick.ayotte &psaas: "i'm rrally deeply concerned aboot what i saw last week im leaning toward no on this nominatton shocking to fundamenttl threat he 3&pdidnn know that our policy wass pot cootainment, i mean that was shockiig." also pacing new scrutiny, cia directoo nominee ohn reenan, who performed well in his confirraaion hearing this week..but some rrpubllcans senators are determined to hhld up his nomination until - they get more answers rom the administratiin on what they believe to be a benghazi absolutely esseetial that the doouments this committee has requessed on benghazi be confirmation moves forwarr." treesury secretary nominee & jack lew is also acing new potential troubles in advancc of hii confirmation hearing. p financial disclosure $100,000 in an offshore hedgge these kinds of investments have been repeatedly - criticized by presidenn obama. there aae also indicaaions tha
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
formee republicaa &psenator chuck hagel to beccme the new c-i-a director. ormer congressman gabrielle gifforrs s attending the state of the union address tomorroo. tomorrow. giffords will be the guest of barbbr repplced giffords when sheereeigned &plast year.... to focus on her arizona in 2011. giffords says she pllns to listen to what the president has to say about gun viollnce. spoke at theesenate judiciary hearing.... urging that sometting needs to be done. people all accoss the country will go to tte president obama and receive the 2012 presidential citizens medal. the president is awarding the six educators killed in the massacre. the presiddet says their selfleesness and coorage is an inspiration to all. thh medal is the second highest civiliaa honor. sseator ben cardin is caaling for national parrk to reeember abolitionist harriet tubman. cardin says he will join wiih the n doubleea -p and other groups in washington wednesday to suppoot a bill that wwuld create parks in tubman. in march cardin plaas to join other senators to ccmmemmrate the 100-th anniversary of her death. the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5